Feature Highlights

Task Editing

Kanban and Calendar Views


Main Features

As we're evolving all the time pay a visit to MyToDo Roadmap to see where we're at! And if there is something you don't quite get, or want to suggest then do please drop a message via the Contact form.

Being a small development project, what you get by using MyToDos is access to the developer. Me. You want something to make it more useful to you or something you dont like. Talk to me, im sure we can work something out and it's something you won't get with the big name systems!

Responsive Web Client

A feature rich web based todo list accesible from desktop or mobile device.


Many Ways To Add

Add your tasks via the web client, the Bash client, texting and even voice memos. Whatever makes it easy for you!



Receive reminders for all your tasks via, email, PushOver, SMS text messages, and voice prompts.



Tasks can be more than things to do, they can be action points for other activities! Assign tasks to various activity streams and have them guide you to full productivity.


List Sharing

Having things to-do can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. Include friends and family by sharing your lists with others in a unidirectional way so you can maintain full control over privicy. Make some lists public too - handy for your birthday wishlist!


Help When You Need It

Lots of tasks can be a headache keeping on top of them. MyToDo's provides various graphs, prompts, reminders and tools to help you keep on top of things.


Bash Client

For the command-line fans only, have your to-do lists at your finger tips with quick addition and updates, as well as many other useful features such as basic time recording and gannt charts in the console! Take a look at the github project for this tool which can be used to keep both sides in-sync.


Secure connection API

The web based client for your phone, tablet or desktop utilises strong password encryption and an optional two factor authentication method.

Plus, if you have the interest, you can directly access the sync features via the API using whatever tools you wish. Multiple methods of authentication are available for many different automation approaches.


More Apps

Plans are developing all the time for more apps to add to this one. Keep tabs on the news below as it happens.

Update Diary

25th Jan 2024 - An app for Android phones is currently in development. Other platforms will come in due course!

05th Jan 2022 - A new year.... If I get a change I want to do a major overhaul of the site. Happy with features but the UI could do with something....

20th May 2021 - Bern so busy with other projects (for which this system has been invaluable incidentally) to actually spend time on development. Nevertheless a slew of waiting fixes have been push live just now. Enjoy.

23rd Aug 2020 - Quite a dew bug fixes and tweaks over the last couple of weeks :-)

27th Apr 2020 - Lots of bugs and tweaks made over the weekend. With eveything going on been a bit sidetracked. Some new ideas and features being considered too!

10th Feb 2020 - Release alpha of image paint in attachments. Lots to add in there soon!

For the working project plan/road map, pay a visit to MyToDo Plans...